BitWorld 1.0

Free retro 2.5D dungeon exploration


  • Excellent style
  • Great writing
  • Good tutorial
  • 3 character classes


  • No end
  • Maps look too similar

BitWorld is a semi-3D dungeon exploration game. Take a wizard, knight or an archer on a journey to save your dwarf colony from an onslaught of monsters.

This simple, yet unusual game is presented in 3D, although the blocky characters are all two dimensional. There are two views, which you flick between with the Space bar. BitWorld's Combat only works horizontally, because neither you nor the monsters have any depth! Movement and fighting is simple, and explained in-game.

There is currently no end to BitWorld, but what is here is really fun. The characters have great bounce to them, and the conversations you'll have are all lively and amusing. There's an atmospheric chip-tunes soundtrack to go along with your exploration, which really makes the whole retro feel complete.

BitWorld is a cool idea, and it's been generally well executed. The maps can get confusing, as they look samey, and it's easy to get lost. The monsters aren't very challenging either. Despite this, retro fans will love its style and charm. Let's hope it gets an ending one day!

2.5D looks cool, and movement feels just right. BitWorld is an amusing and playable gaming experiment, which really needs a proper end!



BitWorld 1.0

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